The Irish Draught is a rare breed with less than 500 registered in the US and 3,000 worldwide.
An Irish horse is a perfect mount for all levels of riders. The Irish Draught is an athletic breed
that is known to take care of its rider. Whether you're looking for a trail horse, carriage horse,
Dressage, eventer or a grand prix mount, the Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse is a
perfect fit. Cradilo, Cruising, Cagney, Mill Pearl, Special Envoy, Ado Annie, Banks Fee Daniel,
Carling King and Hopes are High are some of the shinning stars of the Grand Prix circuit, and
Arthur, McKinlaigh, Connaught, Custom Made, Bay My Hero, Ringwood Magister and Sailing
have thrilled us in the eventing world and they are all recognizable international performance
horses from registered Irish Draught breeding. Steeped in Luck, O'Learys Irish Diamond and
KEC Double Diamond have excelled in the Dressage arena.

The Irish horses dates back to the 10th century. In those days, the small native horses were
crossed with Norman warhorses to develop a larger, more substantial animal. These horses
were crossed with Spanish Andalusians and later many included TB blood, which added
refinement to the breed. The Irish Draught (pronounced 'draft') was bred to work on the farm
throughout the week, go fox-hunting all day Saturday, jumping anything he faced, and then be
ready to bring the family to church on Sunday morning.

Over a century of selection has produced a warm-blooded breed that is very sound and
sensible. The Irish Draught is neither massive nor heavily feathered and has movement that is
smooth and free, without exaggeration, and not heavy nor ponderous. Standing over a lot of
ground, the draught has an exceptionally strong and sound constitution, great stamina and an
uncanny jumping ability. In addition, this breed possesses a fabulous temperament made up of
willingness, intelligence, docility and common sense.

The even temperament, durability and power of the Irish Draught, mixed with the speed and
athleticism of the thoroughbred, or flashy movement of the European warmblood breeds
creates a potent mix which is well up to the demands of modern day competition. The Irish
Draught Sport Horse is not only a top caliber international athlete, but can serve as a perfect
novice mount, adeptly boosting the confidence of a lower level rider.
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