Hester - Epona's Star of the Midway (June 2017)
CH Forrest Stroz Zagrody x Epona's Little Pepper Bear
Berner-Garde - 146441

Clear (N/N) for Degenerative myelopathy (SOD-1A and SOD-1B)
Clear for Von Willebrand's
OFA eye clearance - BMD-EYE2006/8F-VPI        
Peppers- Epona's Little pepper Bear
Berner-Garde - 129627

Clear (N/N) for degenerative myelopathy (SOD 1A and SOD 1B)
Clear for von Willebrand disease
OFA Good Hips - BMD-20783G38F-PI
OFA Heart normal - BMD-ACA380/52F-VPI
OFA eye clearance - BMD-EYE2005/52F-VPI
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Munchkin - Epona's From the Land of Oz (May 11, 2016)
Epona's Little Monster of the Midway x Epona's Little Pepper Bear
Berner-Garde 146440

Carrier (N/+) for Degenerative myelopathy (SOD-1A)
Clear for Degenerative myelopathy - N/N (SOD-1B)
Clear for Von Willebrand's
OFA Heart normal - BMD-ACA382/22F-VPI
OFA eye clearance - BMD-EYE2004/22F-VPI
OFA Fair hips - BMD-21970F24F-VPI
OFA clear elbows - BMD-EL12578F24-VPI
Epona Farm
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Halas - Ford Bella Bernola
CH Hilton Alpiu Slenis x CH Alba Bella Bernola
Berner-Garde - 146423

Imported and from champion lines with multiple
generations of health clearances.

Clear (N/N) for Degenerative myelopathy (SOD 1A and 1B)
Clear for Von Willebrand's
OFA Hips Good BMD-22413G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows normal BMD-EL-12965M24-VPI
OFA Heart normal - BMD-ACA381/15M-VPI
OFA eye clearance - BMD-EYE2007/15M-VPI
Right - Sire- Ch. Hilton
Alpiu Slenis

Left Dam: Alba Bella
I have known Berners most of my life growing up with a neighbor having one and being their dog walker/sitter. When I
graduated college, I knew I had to have one. It all started with Revelwynd's Arctic Dreamer (Cleo) followed shortly
thereafter by CH. Littlebears Swiss Nugget (Payton). Over the years, I've shown in both the breed and obedience

We started as Barnster kennel, but when we started breeding horses and purchased the farm, we decided to register
all of animals with our Epona prefix. We have 1 or 2 litters a year and they are raised in the home as part of the
family. We look to place our puppies with people who are looking for a family companion, where they are part of the
family. A Berner is most happy when they are with their human(s).

Our dogs have health testing and the results can be found in
Berner-Garde. Our current Berners are shown below
and our past dogs can be seen in historical
Berners. Our next breeding is planned for summer-fall 2019.
CH Forrest Stroz Zagrody
CH Forrest Stroz Zagrody
Epona's Little Monster of the Midway